This story isn’t about fashion; it’s about people. Sharka Bosakova gives us an exclusive insight into her latest project and how she’s working towards creating change in Madagascar through the power of clothes.

It’s Saturday afternoon and we’re sitting in a bustling restaurant on Oxford Street, Bulimba. The past week has been wet and dreary, which is unusual for Brisbane. As we’re settling in, I commented on the weather and said I miss the sunshine. Sharka, the designer I’m about to interview, looks up at me warmly and her response immediately puts everything into perspective.

I knew in advance that I would be discussing her recent trip to Madagascar where she witnessed the aftermath of a treacherous cyclone, Enawo. I’d soon find out that the details were quite confronting.

Homes were destroyed and destruction was everywhere yet, the community united and was rebuilding what was broken.
Let me introduce you to Sharka Bosakova, the designer behind her self-titled label. Her aesthetic is best described as, “simplicity that is functional and elegant.”

She studied in Europe in the Czech Republic and came to Brisbane on a student visa to study in Creative Industries. She was fascinated with Australia’s untapped potential. For her, it was a blank canvas of endless opportunities to discover, create and establish.

Sharka’s aesthetic is cutting edge compared to what passes in Brisbane, but that hasn’t stopped her from plunging into the market. “It has been challenging, but at the same time, when I go back to Europe I can see that I am ahead. I’m looking at merging those two worlds into one label.”

“I have a background in theatre, fashion design, jewellery making and blacksmithing. These [experiences] have given me a mindset about how I approach building a garment,” she says enthusiastically.